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Asporia - Merging Commercial Aviation Stakeholders And The Tourism Industry To Boost Passenger Experience

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Beta 1.0 coming soon

Coming out soon.

What to expect

To coalesce all commercial aviation product and service providers and the tourism industry.
To fulfill all existing air travelers, passenger and tourist needs while boosting PaxEx in a new way.


Booking and Reservation

Newest form of booking and reservation. You can even preselect your meal for your flight. PAX gets to enjoy a seamless check in by Justy in the Airport



Have the World served to you on your device. Discover the World from wherever you are.


Planner and Scheduler

Have your whole trip and reservations planned out in one place in a very interactive fun way!


International Airport Business

Newest international Airport business platform where you shop or reserve services online. You can pre-order products and services before you even get to the Airport.

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Our Features

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Link PAX with authentic and relevant authorities of interest per request.



Allow PAX easily communicate and share information with other PAX in the Airport



PAX spend less time at commercial authentication points. PAX will need to only carry their passports to the airport for processing with relevant security agencies.



PAX will receive accurate info about products and services in the Airport. PAX can shop and make reservations online in or out of the airport before departure or leaving the airport.

What we offer is

What we offer is Who We Are

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Beta 1.0 coming soon

They Make You Wait, We Say JUST FLY

Asporia is Our Vision

To be a pioneer in seamlessly authenticating air travel passengers and tourists while minimizing the impact on Airports, Airlines, Lounges, Airport Retail Centers, Currency exchange bodies and Banks, Tourist centers, Hotels, etc.

To be the prime host of commercial Aviation Stakeholders and the Tourism Industry.

To revolutionize Air travel to increase passenger experience and totally reduce the hassle of multiple document scans to simply flying with a legal ID only.

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Beta 1.0 coming soon

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Merging Commercial Aviation Stakeholders and the Tourism Industry to Boost Passenger Experience.

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This could bring a lot of benefits to its end users



European multinational aerospace corporation

An interesting approach to air travel and tourism


Raphael Blaize

Airbus. TLS

Flying will now be like boarding a bus


Ye Shi


It is just unbelievable I'll only need to carry my passport when i fly. I get to carry my phone to enjoy more services.


Wang Xi

24. CTU

I always wondered when Amazon or someone will start a duty free online shopping platform for Airports. I mostly can't even buy souvenirs from foreign Airports because I mostly have limited time. Asporia is really important.


Emily M

19. NY

Anytime i get to a foreign Airport I feel so lost and can't understand the public announcements. The accent is always different and i wished they could simply text me so i could understand better.


Ai Kun

52. PEK

I really look forward to use Asporia. I am always frantic at the Airport checks regardless of the queue length. It's always tedious scanning different documents at every point in time.


Li Chao

27. SH










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They Make You Wait, We Say JUST FLY

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